“The original definition of courage…was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.”
-Brené Brown

With vulnerability and transparency, Susan Joy Simkins shares her island girl’s journey through abuse and single parenthood. Divine Reversal describes how God rescued her from a life in which she was abused, abandoned, ashamed, and afraid. From her devastating past, God’s love lifted her to heights she could never have imagined, including a Ph.D. and full professorship. Devastation became restoration. Shame became dignity. Unhealthy relationships became a God-orchestrated “happy ever after.” May this book launch you into experiencing and rejoicing in your own God-sized Divine Reversal.

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Divine Reversal

“As a trauma therapist and Director of the Child Sexual Abuse Institute of Ohio for over four decades, I have counseled hundreds of survivors and heard countless stories of suffering. But seldom have I been so impacted by one person’s journey. Susan’s book, like her journey, is filled with tenacity, sheer determination, transparency and vulnerability to tell the truth no matter how painful. This heartbreaking honesty is what points to God alone as the Healer.

I have read specific portions of Divine Reversal out loud to clients knowing that what Susan had gone through and how she had come through it would minister to them…and minister it did…deeply and powerfully. Divine Reversal offers a way out for those emotionally crippled by abuse to stand on their own two feet again. It offers hope for victims to see themselves through God’s eyes, not their own–or their offender’s. Most of all, it is a story of not being silenced by fear or shame any longer and getting one’s voice back. And what a powerful voice it is! To God be the glory.”

Director, Child Sexual Abuse Institute of Ohio

I cried when reading this book because it resonated so deeply with me. Susan's story will set so many free from shame and guilt to grace and hope. Her testimony is a living testament to the resurrection power available in Christ. I am forever changed after reading this book. You will be to

MDiv, Harvard University
Master of Theology, Princeton University,
Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, Ursinus College

Divine Reversal had my heart from start to finish. It offers a front-row seat into how God moves lives from the deepest darkness to the warming rays of sunlight. No matter how broken your life may be, Susan's story is living proof that the love and power of Christ can turn your mourning into dancing and ashes into beauty. An absolute inspiration! A must read!

Unity Church of Jesus Christ

This is a story of redemption. What evil sought to destroy and drown in hopelessness was reborn in determination, tremendous growth, and achievement. God not only loved Susan more than she could imagine but her daughter as well. Yes, a tragic beginning, but what an amazing ending!

Assembly of Faith Church

It has been my privilege to personally witness Susan’s life transformed by nothing more than the healing touch of Jesus. At times, her story will make you want to cover your eyes and cry but as it evolves, her words will build your faith and equip you to move from brokenness to wholeness through Christ.


Director of Inner Healing, Head of Staff and Ministry Development, Bow Down Church

Susan outlines a story of God's power, grace, and love that will bring hope and affirmation to so many.  As the story unfolds, you'll find your heart aching for Susan, cheering her on, and finally rejoicing with her as she is able to fully accept and extend God's forgiveness and all that He has for her.  For anyone struggling with strongholds in their life, this is a must read.

Grace & Hope in Loss, LLC

What transparency and vulnerability! A must-read to ignite in you a desire for Father God to completely heal your heart. What an ending to come from the depths of depravity, pain, and abuse and to experience such a divine reversal! A movie should be made from this story.

Moving with the Spirit Ministries

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